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Soy Wax




Soy wax is a great alternative wax to paraffin wax for candle making. It is 100% natural and made from a renewable natural resource. Soybeans are grown by American farmers in many states all over the country and by buying soy candles we help support those farmers. The top soybean producing states are: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio.


Soy wax myth: "Soy wax is 100% soot free"

 Many soy wax candle manufacturers claim that their candles are 100% soot free. Unfortunately, anything that burns releases a minimal amount of hydrocarbons (soot), though this can be greatly reduced by a well-made candle. Using the right wick (no metal!) and keeping it trimmed will help reduce soot.

Never "HUG" soy wax pillars, they are meant to burn down through the middle to create a soft glow. Wax has a memory so when you first light your soy pillar let it pool to about 1/4 of an inch. You don't want spill over or melt through the sides.


See our Candle Safety Tips  for more information on how to get the most out of your candles.

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