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Beeswax Lucky Hotai Buddha Candle - Granny Kate's

Beeswax Lucky Hotai Buddha Candle


Buddha (Lucky Hotai) is a symbol of good luck and great fortune has endured for many centuries. The finished candles measure about 7" tall and have a finished wax weight of 2lb 14 oz.

Granny Kate's beeswax candles retain their beautiful golden yellow color and natural honey scent. They are nontoxic and create negative ions which purify the air when lit. They are great for asthmatics or those with allergies. They are made from organic 100% pure beeswax cappings.

Each hypo-allergenic beeswax candle is hand crafted using a lead-free Hemp wick.

We do not scent our beeswax candles so that they retain their beneficial properties. We only color upon request.

Caution: Never burn a candle without using a proper receptacle. The candle should fit snuggly in the holder.

Because our candles are handmade some imperfections may occur such as, ripples, slight bend, large base, or small holes.

All candles are made at time of order unless we have leftovers from a show. They will be processed as first come, first served.

Candles do not travel well when it is hot. Even though beeswax has a high melt point being in a hot truck can damage the candle. We do not take responsibility for candles shipped during warmer months and we are not responsible for any damages during transit to warmer climates. All shipments are insured up to $50 with USPS. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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