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Luxury Bath Milk 16oz - Granny Kate's

Luxury Bath Milk 16oz


Granny Kate's Bath Milks are the ultimate in luxury bathing. Each jar is filled with exquisite sensations. Made with herbs (in some bath milks), 100 % pure essential oils or cosmetic grade fragrance oils, hormone free milk and buttermilk, then finished off with our delightful bath salt base.

Our bath milk will do the following: release tension, de-stress, induce fatigue (take a bath before bedtime to drift off to sleep), expunge toxins, increase circulation, and boost your immune system (by stimulating your vascular and lymph system). That's a long list of reasons to go ahead and pamper yourself! Did you know that adding bath milk to your bath is an excellent way to sooth a sunburn? Bath milk is a must have in every bath!


This product is not artificially colored.

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