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Pillar Candle 3"x 9"


Handmade by Granny Kate. 3" in diameter x 9" tall. Approx.31.5 ounces.

Soy wax and cotton wicks allow pillar candles to burn perfectly without soot and leaves a safe, smooth 1/4 inch hurricane shell, allowing candle light to glow from the inside. DO NOT BURN SOY OR PALM PILLARS ALL THE WAY OUT OR FOR TOO LONG. DO NOT HUG SOY OR PALM PILLAR CANDLES.

Why Do We Love 100% Soy/Beeswax Candles

- Burns clean and soot free when all the candle burning rules are followed.
- - Toxin-free, healthier for the environment and you.
- Eco-friendly. Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource.
- Personal experience: Once I started to use these candles, I'm never going back to paraffin candles.

Tips for Burning Our Pillar Candles

- Wax has memory, so it is crucial that for the first burn you allow the wax to create a full melt pool by burning for one hour for every inch in diameter of the candle. A 3-inch diameter candle will need to burn for about 3 hours to create a full pool. A full pool of a pillar candle will leave about 1/4 inch to the edge for protection. If you see that the melt pool is spreading out and leaving less than 1/4 inch dowse immediately to avoid a spill over.

- Never "HUG" a soy or palm wax candle. Both types of candles are supposed to burn down through the middle and create a soft glow. It is ok for a palm candle to spill over to create interesting peaks and towers, so make sure you burn them in a good candle holder.

- Trim the wick before lighting your candle if necessary. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times to ensure the best performance of the candle.

- For safety reasons, discontinue use of the pillar candle when 1/2'' wax remains inside the shell.

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Candle Size

We hand pour all of our candles and the dimensions listed may vary just a little with each candle.

Caution: Never burn a candle without using a proper receptacle.

Because our candles are handmade color may vary slightly from batch to batch. All candles are made at time of order unless we have leftovers from a show. They will be processed as first come, first served.

Candles do not travel well when it is hot. We do not take responsibility for candles shipped during warmer months and we are not responsible for any damages during transit to warmer climates.

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