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Sitting Laughing Buddha - Granny Kate's

Sitting Laughing Buddha

This is beautiful design of the "Happy Buddha", Laughing Buddha, or Lucky Buddha. A heavy and substantial reproduction, with the lucky pearl in one hand, and the lucky ingot of gold in the other. Referred to as Budai in Chinese, Hotei in Japanese, the Happy Buddha is thought to have been a Zen monk who traveled the far east in 10th century, a man of good and loving character. This version is traditionally given for new beginnings; graduation, Chinese New Year, a new business, wedding, engagement, a first child, etc.


You should place the Laughing Buddha in your living room or entrance hall. If it is possible he likes to be able to see the door.

You may also consider placing him by your workplace or office.

You should never place the statue in your bathroom. He should not be placed on any electronic devices, this includes your TV.

Many Feng Shui followers say that you should avoid placing him in your bedroom. Never place your laughing Buddha on the floor. That would not show the honor and respect he deserves.

The Laughing Buddha is not worshiped. He is there only to help bring good energy, prosperity and luck into the home.

The main intent of the Laughing Buddha is that it is a constant reminder to smile, stay happy and enjoy your life.

Hand poured and painted by Granny Kate. Made from resin. 3 1/2" high.

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