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Star of David Shimmering Round Melts

Star of David Shimmering Round Melts


Because we added mica to the wax they shimmer and dance when they melt. This package contains 1 Star of David Imprinted Round Block Melt which is approximately 1.34oz. per pack. 100% soy!

 The premium quality, handmade, maximum scented soy wax melts from Granny Kate's are truly unique and will work in any wax warmer! Whatever your tastes may be, I am sure you will find a scent that you will love. Color will compliment the scent that you pick.

Because our melts are handmade color may vary slightly from batch to batch. All Melts are made at time of order unless we have leftovers from a show. They will be processed as first come, first served.


Candles & Melts do not travel well when it is hot. We do not take responsibility for candles shipped during warmer months and we are not responsible for any damages during transit to warmer climates. All shipments are insured up to $50 with USPS. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

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