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Tall Box Pendant with Hematite

Tall Box Pendant with Hematite


This light blue resin pendant dazzles and shines with enough silver glitter that is sure to grab attention. Settled at the bottom of the pendant is a Hematite chip and decorated with blue metallic tape. Item can be made with gold glitter and findings.

Pendant measures: 1.5" L x .4375" W .4375" D

Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought. Hematite grounds and protects; it strengthens our connection with the earth, giving a safe and secure feeling. Hematite utilizes the magnetic qualities to balance the body and to provide a stable equilibrium.

Because this item is handmade some flaws are unavoidable.

Made of resin by Granny Kate

May take up to two weeks to ship, depending on weather.

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