Good Morning All,

Well, I've gone and done it! I turned my 4 year old grandson into a crafter. He loves making things with playdough and even made his mommy a heart plaque for Valentine's Day. He did most of it by himself. 

Here are a couple of pics doing some craft work with his granny. Oh, his name is Justus but we call him Gnobbit (mom is called a hobbit at work and dad looks like a beardless gnome). It is a standing joke in our family but GNOBBIT loves it.

Below Gnobbit is working with the playdough with some clay extruders. He played with that clay for so long that it came close to drying out. I was able to get the house clean though. I did have to stop periodically to help him with something or view his work. 


Here he is creating with a paper punch. He loves the punches! Next, I work on his brother, Malachi! Muwahahahaha!                                                                     



Thank you for letting me share my grandson with you. Remember, comments are appreciated. Share some of your crafting stories with me, I would love to see what others have created with their children or grandchildren.


Peace and Love,

Granny Kate          

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