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Angel Wings Trinket Dish


This Angel Wings Trinket Dish is constructed with very fine 3-dimensional detail.  The edges of the wings curl up slightly in order to create a nice little nesting space for your smaller treasures. 

 Each Dish measures approximately 3 inches wide by 4 inches long.  The total height is 1 & 5/8 inch.  Each Dish comes packaged in a gift box that includes the following poem:


Whisper of Angel Wings

 Today I stumbled and once again

Was lifted up by an unseen hand.

What comfort & joy that knowledge brings

For I hear the whisper of Angel wings.

The guardian Angels God sends to all

To bear us up when we stumble and fall.

Trust him, my friend, and often you’ll hear

The whisper of Angel wings hovering near.

 Author Unknown


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