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Guitar Body Keychain


Cute and novel, this sweet guitar body keychain makes an ideal gift for the guitar enthusiast! Great for Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, or any day. This one has #1 DAD on it, but I can put a custom decal on it.

The keychain can be used for your keys, backpack bling, zippers, purses, etc. I can also personalize with a name, or a picture. I will contact you for the personalization. There is no charge for a name since it is already added in. There will be an extra charge for a picture.

Each one is hand made so no two will be the same. I can do custom orders, if you want a specific color.

Measures 2 1/8" h x 1 5/8" w

Made of resin by Granny Kate

More options will be available as they are made.

May take up to two weeks to ship for custom orders, depending on weather.

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