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Granny Kate's

Maple Leaf Incense Holder

Maple Leaf Incense Holder

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Granny Kate's handcrafted incense holders are made with great care. Since each piece is made individually by Granny Kate to ensures that it is a unique work of art.

This clay incense holder a single hole for stick incense in the center of the curled leaf stem. We have not tried any other incense in it such as, coil incense or tall incense sticks. If you want to burn a cone, please put a small piece of foil or empty t-lite tin on it so that the heat won't burn the surface. Can also be used as a candle holder.

  • Clay
  • Airbrushed with Ink
  • Approximately 5.5" long x 5.25" wide
  • Single hole
  • Use with incense stick, cone or pillar candle
  • Please note, item is made entirely by hand and may look slightly different from the website and photos no two pieces will be exactly the same.


Caution: Never leave burning incense unattended.

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