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Memorial Angel Wings Trinket Dish

Memorial Angel Wings Trinket Dish


This Memorial Angel Wings Trinket Dish is constructed using the same mold as our regular wing dish, only this one can hold precious memories of a pet or loved one. I will handle your loved ones precious cremains, fur, etc. with the same loving care I would for my own. Actually, better!

The dish shown has ash mixed in with the gold at the top of the wings, but I can place the ash, hair, or picture at the bottom of the tray.

When you order I will contact you for specifications on your piece and will stay in contact with you until you are satisfied with your precious memory before shipping. 

If you are including hair or ashes: All I will need is about 1 teaspoon of ash if you are including ashes. Ashes need to be in a non-breakable bottle, or zip lock baggie. For hair, I will need a decent amount of fluff, but not a handful. Hair can be sent in a zip lock bag. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges of these items being sent to me. Unused ash or hair will be returned to you with your dish and is included in the price.

Pictures: pictures will be sent to me via email as a jpg. I will do my best to make it look as good as I can. 

 Each Dish measures approximately 3 inches wide by 3.25 inches long.  The total height is 1 5/8 inch.  

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