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Granny Kate's

Raven Skull Pendant

Raven Skull Pendant

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The Raven skull is a very unique piece to wear. This lovely resin skull pendant will display a replica Raven or Crow skull. Perfect gift for anyone that loves skulls or gothic style décor.

Each one is hand made so no two will be the same. I can do custom orders, if you want a specific color.

Measures 2" long and comes on a 18" color cord.

Made of resin by Granny Kate

Multiple options available.

May take up to two weeks to ship for custom orders, depending on weather.

Religious & Cultural Beliefs of the Raven

To the ancient Greeks and Romans, the raven is closely associated with the god Apollo and goddess Athena. According to folklore, the raven once had feathers as white as snow until the day Apollo sent the raven to spy on his lover Coronis. The raven returned with gossip of Coronis’ unfaithfulness and Apollo cast the bird into a fire, scorching its feathers. This is said to be the reason the raven has its midnight-black feathers.

Christianity also supports a similar lore regarding the raven’s dark coloring. During the flooding of the world, it is said that Noah first sent a raven to confirm that the flood waters had receded. The raven did not return. Noah then sent a Dove and the Lord punished the raven by giving it black feathers, denoting its failure and betrayal to Noah.

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